Kit Strength Gain Cycle Oral – 4 Weeks – Anavar – Meditech

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This complete pack with protections from Meditech is ideal to support your period of stagnation. The Anavar will give you a increasing your athletic strengthand good quality muscle definition. By increasing your strength, you will be able to increase your gains even further, so push through your plateau and build more muscle.


Anavar – Meditech – Oxandrolone – 10mg – 50 Tabs x 2

Used at a normal and advisable dosage, the molecule Oxandrolone Anavar does not disturb the hormonal cycles, or metabolism because it aromatizes only slightly. The Oxandrolone causes fat burning and thus firmer muscles and optimization of powerlifting.

Samarin 140 – Berlin – Silymarine – 140mg – 100 Tabs

A vital organ of the human body, the liver performs many critical functions and plays a leading role in metabolism and digestion, along with assimilating and processing carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.


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