We offer two different shipping methods and we deliver worldwide (UK, Ireland & Australia included). Regular Mail and Private Courier. Before checkout you will be asked to choose one of the shipping methods and the rate will be added automatically to your bill.

*Deliveries to islands destinations such as Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis, Futuna may be subject to delivery delays. Orders from army areas are accepted.


Takes 10-20 days*
Sig. maybe required
Tracking code provided



Takes 4-8 days*
Sig. required
Tracking code provided



Costs 10% of your total order
Optional but recommended for big orders
Only available with Private Courier
Your order will be re-shipped for free in case of customs seizure

All orders are shipped within 2-3 business days after the confirmation of the payment and an e-mail regarding to it is sent to the customer.


We are trying to maximize the delivery rate as much we can. Even all the order are packed discreetly sometimes there might be problems in the custom/lost parcel or some damage during the transport.

In this case we offer reshipping your order one more time free of charge under these conditions :

  • You made your order with the insurance (10 % of the amount of the order)
  • You report the problem to our customer service within the limit of 14 days.
  • You send with your report a picture of the offical notice (official letter) of seizure from the customs.

In the case of the use of insurance for breakage, the vacuumed transparent plastic containing the products should not be opened. If the vacuumed plastic  is opened, the warranty for breakage will be invalid. No repayment order will be made by the insurance, there can be a reshipment of the order up to a maximum of 600 USD (case of loss, breakage or seizure of the package). In the case of the use of insurance for customs seizure, if your address is black-listed you will not have the right of the return of your order. The cover of our insurance does not cover all countries, so when finalizing your cart if you do not have the possibility to choose the insurance option, it means that your country is not covered by it. Here the list of countries where the shipping guarantee is not available: Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, North Korea, South Korea and Switzerland.


  • Once we have shipped a pack, a tracking number and a tracking link is sent to customer’s email.
  • If you don’t receive any e-mail regarding the shipping please contact us.
  • You can also check your pack’s tracking number on the order history page in your account.